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To comply with the statutory requirements of Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA), Qatar Navigation has reported on its adherence to corporate governance as laid down by QFMA as well as per the internationally recognised practices.

On an ongoing basis, we will ensure that the best practices that are currently followed are also continued into the future and the mandatory periodic reports are made to add shareholders’ value.

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In 2023, Milaha has began to formulate a new exciting chapter for reaching comprehensive policies to enhance public conduct, promote common ethical sense, maintain Qatar rich legacy, culture, customs, and Nobile traditions.

These policies, which will be accessible to all our partners and customers, aim at reflecting Milaha’s values and integrity in which strongly believed and transforming its credible staff adaptation with its vision, mission, and objectives overseas.

These policies concerned with our all operations, exercising of trade, partners, and customers who involve with us in business and connected by common interests.

These policies were Milaha given a “top priority” here in Milaha at the same time considering them as significant for every single person who works with us.

Milaha always demonstrates keenness to practically implementing these policies cope with development, maintaining identity and Brand throughout professional implementation of these policies.

Milaha consider’ s these policies on a high degree of importance work hard to make sure that they are accessible for everyone to reach to common platform of understanding to facilitate business, activities, interactions, receive feedback and taking correct decisions.

These policies are practically embodying Milaha’s commitments in which it strongly clutching with transparency, integrity, and responsibility - these terms represent a high significance to every person working here at Milaha.

Meanwhile, if you have involved in a business with Milaha, you are highly encouraging to identify these policies for they are covering entire Milaha’s business issues including operations, code of conduct, compliance, and how Milaha staff work .

We draw the attention of our valued partners, customers, and employees to get acquainted with our policies, adopting and implementing them considering it as a (mandatory for all our employees, those who deals with Milaha).

Therefore, we invite our all stakeholders to and those who deals with Milaha  to get familiar with these new policies by speaking up in case of  any  violation of our  Business Code Conduct  set forth within these policies.

Upholding these policies, would positively contribute in formulating safe, responsible, sustainable, and collective prosperous future.

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