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Fraud Alert


We have recently observed an increase in fraudulent activities that exploit the Milaha brand and its affiliates through various means, including email, postal mail, the internet, and fax. In some cases, these activities target potential customers with attractive fraudulent offers, and in other cases, they target vendors with false invitations to participate in bids or tenders.


Official Communication Channels:

  • Authorized Email Domains: We would like to remind you that all official communications from Milaha and its affiliates are sent exclusively through the following email domains: and
    Any correspondence that does not come from one of these email domains is considered unauthorized, should not be taken into consideration, and should be treated as a phishing email.

  • Official Website: All business of Milaha and its affiliates is exclusively conducted through its website We would like to remind customers to be cautious of any third-party website that claims to be affiliated with Milaha, represents Milaha, or is affiliated with Milaha's subsidiaries or other legal entities.


Verifying the Validity of Transactions:

  • Banking Information: If you receive a request to update our / your current banking information for a particular transaction, please verify the legitimacy of this request before initiating the payment. Immediately contact your Milaha representative or one of its branches using a separate and reliable communication method, such as email.

  • Customer and Vendor Communications: For matters related to vendors and customer offers, such as registering for bids or tenders, kindly verify the validity of these offers through the vendor portal or by promptly contacting the email addresses provided below:


Legal Liability and Reporting:

  • Reporting Suspicious Activities: If you encounter any suspicious activity or dubious communication that claims to represent Milaha or any other affiliate, please report it immediately by contacting:

  • Legal Liability: Milaha and its affiliates do not assume any legal liability or losses or damages resulting from these fraudulent activities. Therefore, Milaha recommends that its customers cooperate with these instructions, which we believe will greatly mitigate the negative effects of fraudulent activities.


Caution and Awareness: We would like to remind you that exercising caution and awareness not only protects your interests, but it also protects Milaha, its reputation, integrity, subsidiaries, and other legal entities. We at Milaha appreciate and value your unwavering cooperation in this regard.

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