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Developing and polishing the national Qatari work force is considered one of the supreme objectives and policies adopted by the State of Qatar to pave the way for the upcoming generations to positively contribute to the development and renaissance procession witnessed in Qatar.

Therefore, Milaha dedicates tremendous endeavours to providing the best practical training opportunities for the national workforce and graduates throughout the "Alnokheda" training program to attract ambitious Qatari talents, include them in real working life, and assign tasks after providing them with required employment skills and capabilities.

The Alnokheda training program, which lasts for 18–24 months of practical and theoretical vocational training courses, aims ordinarily at developing and qualifying Qatari graduates professionally and providing them with the necessary skills and working experiences for recruiting them in Milaha.

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At Milaha, Qataris have been given the opportunity to play a significant part in taking up the mantle of the company's continued success. 

Milaha's Qatarisation strategy includes an emphasis on attracting, retaining, and developing local talent. We select and develop young, brilliant Qataris for leadership roles in a variety of professions and divisions. With the help of mentors, trainers, and vocational intensive courses, Milaha is making "solid progress" toward Qatarisation.

Milaha aspires to enhance its efforts to recruit and retain Qatari workers by launching new programs and initiatives to assist in the professional growth of the company's Qatari employees.

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Throughout Qatarization policy, Milaha provides nationals, students, and graduates the opportunity to be a part of its stunning success, encouraging and urging them to join Milaha staff, providing them with vocational education, training courses, advice, and employment guidance, in a bid to show them the real way of practical working life through the implementation of motivating vocational training programs.

To realise this end, Milaha has also launched an ambitious internship programme to train high school students, making them aware of the practical working atmosphere on the ground and providing them with the necessary skills and expertise. In addition to assisting them to make relevant and correct decisions related to the employment future that they are interested in, the internship is considered one of the most effective and important programs in Milaha.
The core objectives of the internship program aim to evaluate national students’ capabilities, explore their potential, and figure out the skilled and talented ones to provide them with the necessary training and future employment opportunities in Milaha.

Through the intensive internship program, which lasts between 4 and 8 weeks, Milaha allows national students in all universities, colleges, and high secondary schools to join Milaha and attend this compulsory term on the ground as a training course in Milaha.

At the end of the program's compulsory term, the assigned staff who supervised and trained students would award them a "Certificate of Achievement" as proof of receiving the required practical vocational training doses and necessary working skills after completing and passing the training period.

Meanwhile, Milaha urges valued national students interested in joining the internship to benefit from the training capabilities and expertise available in Milaha, particularly after being recognised as the "International Center for Training and Excellence by Highfield International for 2022."







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