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Milaha caters to all of your trucking and heavy equipment needs, leveraging our position as the sole Qatari representative for Hino, Terberg, Sennebogen, and Hyundai Everdigm.

Whatever industry you may be in -- construction, hospitality and catering, heavy logistics, or any other -- Milaha can customise our trucks and heavy equipment for you.

For your temperature-controlled needs, we have Hino refrigerated trucks; for your logistics and construction needs, we have Hino dump trucks, Terberg port tractors, and a wide range of forklifts for you. Or, we can help lighten your load with our Hino crane trucks, our Sennebogen mobile cranes, or our Hyundai Everdigm cargo cranes.

Furthermore, our flexible financing options provide you with the ability to lease our assets for short-term projects. 

As a leading logistics company in the region, we own and operate our own trucks and heavy equipment. Hence, we have decades of experience in managing assets for third-party clients, providing 24/7 after-sales services with our workshop and dedicated staff, and finding the right spare parts for your assets to maximise their life-span.



In today’s competitive market, you can rely on our diverse portfolio of products, models, and superstructures, backed by reliable sales, service, and distribution of trucks. As we constantly strive for excellence, we can also get your decals applied to your equipment to better promote your brand name and image.

For more information on the Hino products and services we offer, visit subsite below:

Visit Hino

Heavy equipment

The only authorised representative of Terberg, Sennebogen & Hyundai Everdigm in Qatar

  • Wide range of forklifts
  • Sennebogen mobile cranes, material handlers & harbor cranes
  • Entire spectrum of OEM spare parts and other consumables ​
  • Hyundai Everdigm cargo cranes
  • Terberg port tractors (including the next generation electrical vehicles)​
  • heavy
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Why Milaha

  • imgWe deliver your trucks and heavy equipment to any location in Qatar ​
  • imgWe give you a comprehensive annual maintenance contract
  • imgWe promise you favorable & flexible payment terms
  • imgEach asset will go through strict pre-delivery inspection and registration​
Why Milaha Trucks

Spare Parts & Services

23,375 m² one-stop solution centre has a 26-bay workshop that fits all sizes of passenger vehicles, trucks, trailers and heavy equipment. ​

We have an extensive inventory with more than 95% of fast-moving genuine spare parts and accessories readily available to buy to enhance your asset.

  • Indoor workshop equipped with A/C and exhaust suction systems (9 working bays)
  • Covered outdoor workshop for long trailers and tractors (4 working bays)
  • Body shop repairs (4 working bays)
  • Covered outdoor workshop for heavy equipment (3 working bays)
  • 4 working bays (outdoor covered workshop for long trailers and tractors)​​
  • 2 working bays (covered outdoor workshop for body fitting and steel section) ​​

Services We Offer

  • Milaha

    Scheduled maintenance​

  • Milaha

    Transmission & differential overhauling​

  • Milaha

    Comprehensive engine repair​

  • Milaha

    Tires repair

  • Milaha

    Brake & clutch repair

  • Milaha

    A/C system repair (cooling system)​

  • Milaha

    Accident Repair & Bodyshop

Asset Management

As one of the largest fleet owners in Qatar, Milaha has developed leading maintenance practices that we are now offering to our customers.

Milaha is one of the biggest fleet owners in Qatar. We have come up with best practises for maintenance that we now offer to our customers.

  • Maximise your organisation's profit
  • Enhance your decision-making strategy for your asset-related issues (acquisition, maintenance, refurbishment, and disposal)
  • Reduce the life-cycle cost of assets
  • Reduce unplanned work
  • Maintain equipment reliability
  • Maintenance planning and support services
  • We support your operations 24/7

  • Milaha

    Services We Offer

    • Planning and Scheduling of periodic preventive Maintenance
    • Asset cost & performance monitoring and control
    • Comprehensive engine repair, tires repair, brake and clutch repair
    • A/C system repair, accident repair and painting work
    • Vehicle registration & certification
    • Data analytics for more efficient fleet operations
    • Set and Monitor Equipment and Maintenance crew Performance KPI
  • Milaha

    Why Milaha​

    • We have experience providing asset management services to our company, one of the largest logistics companies in the region
    • Benefit from our size to attain high-quality products and services used by Milaha's fleet, all at favourable prices
    • Our team's expertise, time-tested infrastructure, and advanced software will help you focus on critical business tasks that are essential for your growth
    • An industry-leading response rate and high personnel availability guarantee no communication bottlenecks

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