Milaha welcomes all Suppliers and Contractors to become Corporate Vendors.

The registration will allow Corporate Vendors to participate in Milaha Tenders and be eligible to receive Request For Quotations (“RFQ”) / Request for Proposals (“RFP”) / Invitations to Tender (“ITT”) for the supply of materials / commodities / goods / and provisions of services.

The information submitted via the Vendor Portal will be reviewed for compliance with Milaha’s requirements. After completion and upon approval of registration by Milaha, Vendors will be notified of their registration along with their unique Vendor Account Code.

Notification of registration does not signify nor confirm Milaha ‘s qualification or pre-qualification of any entity or any type of commodity or scope of work. The award of any business by Milaha will follow established procedures for tendering, bidding, evaluation, and award.

Milaha reserves the right to reject any Vendor registration for any reason including cases where vendors did not submit all relevant documents. Registered Vendors shall keep their information updated.

New Vendors

Vendors can register and upload all required documentation as shown below

  • Company Registration/Trade License
  • Computer Card (Applicable only to Qatari companies)
  • Municipal License (Applicable only to Qatari companies)
  • Bank Letter
  • Company Profile
  • Financial Statement

Already a Vendor ?

Vendors can update existing registration information and upload required documents,
electronically via the Vendor Portal.

For guidelines/manual, click here


Milaha is a Tawteen participating company contributing to the successful achievement of the In-Country Value (“ICV”) Initiative. If additional information is required on this initiative, please click on the link below.

Read More: Tawteen

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