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Bonded Zone at Milaha Logistics City

Milaha operates a 432,000 sqm Logistics City that provides end-to-end logistics and bespoke bonded warehousing services within 30 minutes of Hamad Seaport, Hamad Airport, and all other ports of entry.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we have the expertise and resources to handle all aspects of customs clearance, loading and unloading, as well as cross-docking and additional services like order fulfilment.

We have bonded warehouses that allow companies that conduct international business to store frequently purchased goods without incurring customs duties. Your cash flow will be better managed, and you will be able to meet demand during peak periods without delay.

Use Cases

  • E-commerce Transit Hub​​​ ​
  • Regional Fulfillment Centre​​​ ​
  • High Value Spare Parts Centre​ ​
  • Storage of Cargo Subject to Excise Tax​​ ​
  • Cargo High Value ​
  • Fast-Track and Guaranteed Same Day Clearance​ ​

Customized Solution for your Business Model

  • Cargo High Value or Subject to Excise Tax

    • Clear when and as-needed.
    • Ability to re-export.
    • Defer import duty and tax payments.

  • Ecommerce - Connecting the world

    • Bring in consolidated cargo via air, sea, or road freight into Milaha. We are able to store, sort, and then connect to the world at cheaper rates, with better service, and higher connectivity.

  • Regional Fulfilment Centre

    • Milaha facilitates regional trade by storing cargo in a bonded facility and, with its one-stop solutions, can connect you to the region.
    • Ability to provide IOR services as needed.

  • Fast-Track and Same Day Clearance

    • Same Day clearance of all Cargo via MLC with customs officers on-site 24/7.
    • On site Ministerial Inspections.
    • Preservation of Cold chain.
    • Flexible solutions, including temporary storage and direct market distribution.

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