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Food and Beverage/Perishables

Today’s dynamic consumption habits are shaping the Food, Beverage and Perishables Industry. Constantly changing market conditions and global supply chains forces you to be dynamic and flexible to change. With Milaha’s full range of temperature storage capabilities from -23C to +23C, we ensure your full Food compliance requirements are met. From same-day delivery, customized value-added services, and omnichannel inventory management, our services are focused on efficiency supporting your supply chain and achieving your customers’ ultimate delivery satisfaction​

  • Storage of Cargo Subject to Excise Tax​
  • Same Day Guaranteed Clearance and Delivery
  • Arabic Labelling in Bonded Zone​
  • Freezer, Chiller, Temperature Controlled, and Dry Warehousing

E-Commerce and Retail

Retailers must be capable of delivering outstanding levels of service, irrespective of whether customers shop in store or online, local or regional. Across all retail types, speed is of the essence. The need to be agile and serve customers when and how they choose is a key while maintain a healthy cost structure for businesses to grow.​

Milaha provides agile solutions that enable you to provide high levels of service locally and internationally with no upfront investment. We consolidate and simplify your multiple supply chains so you can grow your business resilient to Global disruptions and adaptable to customer behaviour . Our One-Stop-Shop approach provides you with various flexible warehousing and distribution solutions​ tailored to your business needs in addition to leveraging both local and global strong partnerships​

Use Cases

  • Fulfilment Centers​
  • Returns Solutions​​
  • Transit Hub​​
  • Last Mile Delivery​​
  • Regional Distribution Centre​
  • International Door to Door​​


Supporting the different engineering-related industries of modern globalization has required the development of sophisticated warehousing networks that can service both locally and regionally. Quick lead times, high accuracy, quality and costs are main drivers to optimize such supply chains both downstream and upstream. It is also very important to be able to recognize, assess and plan for diverse risks and threats to operations whether it’s shortage, security, or supply chain cost fluctuation related threat. All these can disrupt and challenge procurement, production and distribution, and can have a great negative impact on the bottom line.​​

Creating and operating customized warehouse solutions and yard management that deliver bottom-line benefits is at the heart of all our integrated solutions. Milaha provides a location for storage, consolidation, cross docking, reverse logistics, kitting and other value added activities that relates to all major verticals including technology, engineering, manufacturing, construction, airlines, maritime and others​

Use Cases

  • Spare parts centre​​
  • Bonded Storage​​
  • Delivery​
  • Open Yard Storage​​

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