Welcome to the Milaha Supplier Registration Portal

This portal is to assist suppliers who would like to register as part of the Milaha vendor list.

Instructions to fill the registration form:

  • Please provide all necessary information while completing the form
  • All mandatory fields are highlighted with an asterisk (*)
  • Please select your relevant line of business; i.e. Purchasing Group (PuG) which describes your business. More than one PuG may be selected.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the supplier to ensure all information provided is accurate
  • Local suppliers must submit electronic copies of the following certificates:
    • Commercial Registration
    • Company Computer Card

    These certificates must bear the company stamp, or else the application will be rejected

  • International suppliers must submit the required documents according to Milaha terms and conditions.
  • All documents are to be provided in English or Arabic only.
  • For any supplier registration queries, please contact SupplierManagement@milaha.com