Milaha Port Services is a business units of the Milaha Maritime and Logistics Pillar.

Milaha Port Services currently manages and operates Doha Port, the only commercial port in Qatar, with an annual container throughput capacity of approximately 750,000 TEUs (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units). In addition to containerized cargo, Doha Port also handles approximately 2.5 million freight tons yearly of Break Bulk, Ro/Ro and Project cargo, as well as livestock.

In September 2012, Milaha Port Services implemented the Jade Master Care TOS (Terminal Operating System) at Doha Port. The new TOS, combined with the Rostima labour management system, has enabled Milaha Port Services to streamline the port’s business processes, providing customers with the latest consignment information.

Milaha Port Services also manages and operates a stevedoring service at the Mesaieed commercial jetties, providing full services to Qatar Petroleum (QP), and the Q – companies in MIC. These operations include the handling of a wide variety of cargo types, from aluminum ingots to bulk grain shipments. In May 2011, Milaha Port Services began operations at the state-of-the-art Greenfield Container Terminal at Mesaieed CT7, with an annual container throughput capacity of 500,000 TEUs. Through diligent planning, intensive training and the ongoing professional development of Milaha Port Services staff, performance levels at the terminal include an average crane productivity in excess of 40 moves per hour (MPH). Safety performance at CT7 has achieved over 1.5 million man-hours worked without Lost-Time Accident (LTA), reflecting a dedication to safety regulations, excellent training and a strong spirit of teamwork.

Milaha Port Services has invested significantly in the training of staff across all areas of the business unit and has introduced a program of “process improvement” to further develop and provide operational performance which meet or exceed internationally recognized standards. We are dedicated to providing quality service to the port community, a safe and positive workplace environment for our staff, and an appropriate rate of return for our investors.

Doha Port is the only commercial port in the state of Qatar, handling most types of cargo (with the exception of liquid bulk). Milaha Port Services assumed operational and management control of Doha Port in February 2011, and has created a one-stop shop employing advanced technology and stream-lined procedures to improve the cargo clearance process, including Customs, Environmental and Health activities. A sophisticated short- and long-term berth planning system has also been implemented resulting in minimal waiting time, if at all, for vessels in the anchorage area.

The Jade Master Care Terminal Operating System” (TOS) has been implemented to upgrade operational input and status retrieval of data from manual to electronic, and improve efficiency at Doha Port. The Master Care system has also been integrated with the Qatar Custom’s single window internet platform. To further streamline operations and maximize the efficient utilisation of equipment and staff, Milaha has also implemented the Rostima Labour Management System (LMS). With this LMS in place, Milaha Port Services has been able to efficiently catalog and track comprehensive data records of all employees, including operational skillset and training requirements/schedules along with other necessary information for optimized personnel planning.

Milaha Port Services is committed to the increase of Doha Port’s annual container throughput capacity to a minimum of 750,000 TEUs through improved operational processes and yard strategy. We are continuing to invest in our dedicated and professional staff by providing comprehensive training programs at all levels. This includes an internal Qatarisation training module, as well as supervisory training and mentoring, equipment operator training and specialized labour training Port Operations: 24 Hours/Day- 7 Days/Week (excluding official holidays)

The Port of Mesaieed, Mesaieed Industrial City (MIC), is situated at the terminus of the 36 nautical mile and the 40 nautical mile buoyed, partly dredged channel.

The port has been specially designed to provide services and facilities for customers in proximity to Mesaieed Industrial City. The strategic location of the facility enables it to serve as a hub for handling the raw materials required by local industrial complexes. The Port of Mesaieed provides dedicated container handling services at the CT7 Container Terminal, operated by Milaha Port Services. The terminal offers an annual container throughput capacity of 500,000 TEUs, and employs the most modern terminal procedures and management principles with state-of-the-art technology in all aspects of operations.

Located within Mesaieed Industrial City limits, the CT7 Container Terminal was the first purpose-built and fully equipped modern container terminal developed in Qatar. It was designed and built to serve the requirements of Qatar Aluminum (Qatalum), and the Qatar Plastic Compounding Company (QPCC) for raw materials. Products manufactured for export are loaded into containers directly at the production facilities, and are transported by truck to the terminal. The facility’s administrative offices are also located near the terminal.

Qatalum’s first container loaded with ingots for export arrived at Mesaieed Port on the 14th of December 2009, and was loaded onto the first barge shipment on the 18th of December, coinciding with Qatar’s National Day, commemorating the beginning of Qatalum’s exports from Qatar. The CT7 Container Terminal began operations on May 1st 2011. Container Planning, Stevedoring operations and engineering maintenance at the terminal are handled by Milaha Port Services and the Mesaieed Port Department Management Team.

Port Operations: 24 Hours/Day- 7 Days/Week (excluding official holidays)

Mesaieed Port provides expert stevedoring services. Milaha Port Services concluded a long-term contract with Qatar Petroleum to operate the commercial Berths 9 and 10 in 2008. Operations handle all types of cargo, including:

  • Providing highly skilled and experienced stevedoring services to Qatar Aluminum (Qatalum), Qatar Chemical Company (Q-Chem), Qatar Petrochemical Company (Qapco) and Qatar Vinyl Company (QVC) at Berth 8.
  • Handling alumina and Petcoke bulk shipments for Qatalum.
  • Container handling at the Q-Chem and Qapco berths.
  • Unloading industrial salt at QVC.

Port Operations: 24 Hours/Day- 7 Days/Week (excluding official holidays).
There is no work stoppage at Mesaieed with the exception of a 3-hour Friday prayer interval. Operations are based upon two 12 hour shifts, beginning at 0600, and 1800, respectively.

In April 2011, Milaha Port Services adopted a new program designed to make our workforce as productive as possible, reducing labor costs, improving customer service, optimizing manpower, operational efficiency, integration, automation, forecasting and increased utilization, and balancing supply and demand.

In March 2012, the new system went live with the implementation of the Rostima Labour Management System, to help manage the labour allocation efficiencies of more than 1,450 employees within Milaha Port Services, throughout our different locations. Our goal is to enhance manpower utilization, and to find the most efficient approaches and concepts to develop the most effective methods increasing productivity.

At present, the Central Planning Team (CPT) manages and operates the system from our head office, with a team of six highly skilled workforce planners capable of strategizing the allocation of the port workforce by maintaining an accurate database (e.g. work hours, scheduling and overtime requirements) to improve port operational efficiencies and enhance productivity.

A process improvement plan was introduced with the objective of raising the overall performance of Milaha Port Services to internationally recognized operational standards. We compete on quality; made possible in part by our comprehensive and evolving database.