Hackathin 2021 MIlaha

Milaha Launches Its First “Innovative Hackathon” to Enhance Digital Transformation

“Milaha”, Qatar’s Maritime and Logistics industry leader, organized its inaugural innovative Hackathon, in partnership with Microsoft. The event included a number of competitions and interactive programs aimed at motivating inventors (Citizen Developers) to provide effective creative solutions for enhancing digital transformation, facilitating complex processes and encountering business challenges. The event…

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The Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting of “Qatar Quarries and Building Materials Company (Q.P.J.S.C)” – A Subsidiary of Qatar Navigation Company (Q.P.S.C) – Decided to Reduce the Company’s Capital

Qatar Navigation Q.P.S.C (“Milaha”) announced that Qatar Quarries and Building Materials Company (P.J.S.C.)” (the “Company”) held its Extraordinary General Assembly meeting yesterday, whereas the Company’s Shareholders approved the Board of Directors’ recommendation to reduce the Company’s authorized and paid-up capital by an amount of QAR 44.5 million, which is 47%,…

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