Milaha Offshore is a provider of a wide spread of world-class offshore support services, with a presence extending from the Middle East to Europe, Africa and South East Asia.

Milaha Offshore provides a range of Diving, Survey and Sub-sea services through owned and operated, advanced sub-sea inspection and maintenance equipment.

Milaha Offshore owns and operates a fleet of over 75 high specification oshore support vessels across the service spectrum to support Marine, Exploration & Drilling, Production, EPIC, Maintenance, Jack-up Accommodation, Rig-less Well Intervention, Stimulation, Diving & Survey and Sub-sea intervention projects as well as inshore and harbor services.

Our fleet also includes anchor handling and supply vessels, safety standby boats, workboats, crew boats, and dynamic positioning (DP) vessels, allowing us to provide a complete range of diving services including saturation diving. Milaha also owns and operates the most advanced offshore maintenance, diving and underwater inspection equipment such as Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs).

The size and diversity of Milaha’s modern fleet and the unique breadth of our services are structured to provide End To End support. The Service value is scalable to suit the Clients project and objectives. Milaha Oshore and its subsidiaries, have been recognized through regional and international safety awards, accreditations and certificates of appreciation. Milaha Offshore provides offshore construction support vessels, equipment and personnel for mechanical, structural and maintenance projects. The manufacturing and installation of simple or complex structures can be executed in house or in support of 3rd party industry experts as required.

Solutions for the Offshore Oil & Gas sector

  • Vessel Charter & Operations
  • Diving & Subsea Services
  • Construction & Maintenance Services
  • Well Services
  • Harbor Marine Operations