Over 25 years ago, Milaha started providing support and supply services to companies working in Qatar’s offshore oilfields. Providing specialised vessels to all companies and EPC contractors, we rapidly expanded, strengthening our presence in an important sector of the local economy.

To meet the increased demand of the burgeoning oil and gas industry specifically the vast expansion in natural gas production from the North Field, in 2000 Halul Offshore Services Company was established as a wholly owned subsidiary. In a short time it has become one of the largest offshore support services companies in the region. The size and diversity of our modern fleet, and the unique breadth of our services, are well-recognised by all major international energy companies.

Today, our diversified fleet includes anchor handling and supply vessels, safety stand-by boats, workboats, crew boats, and dynamic positioning (DP) vessels, allowing us to provide a complete range of diving services including saturation diving. We also own and operate the most advanced offshore maintenance, diving and underwater inspection equipment such as Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). All this means we can meet almost all requirements of the region’s major oil & gas producers.

The success of Milaha Offshore is due to a lean and flexible organisation and the ability to build long-term relationships with key players. Our presence now extends from Qatar to neighbouring countries, where we have an excellent reputation as a provider of world-class offshore support services. We are currently expanding beyond the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, while at the same time looking to strengthen our leading position within the region.

For more information on Milaha Offshore, please visit www.milahaoffshore.com