As Qatar’s oldest national shareholding company, Milaha has a rich history. As the country’s first shipping agent in 1957, we were granted the first ever commercial licence in Qatar; we opened our first overseas branch in Dubai twenty years later; and over the last few decades we’ve continually expanded to meet the needs of  the economy and a burgeoning energy sector.

Today, we are a large, diversified holding company with core interests in maritime transport and logistics. Yet as diverse as we have become, Milaha has always succeeded through unity and synergy: every part working together for the good of the whole – our stakeholders, society and environment; seamless links between every individual, every division, every client and every partner; shared values and ethics across all of our companies.

This synchronised approach is the key to our tailored, end-to-end maritime and logistics solutions. Ultimately it’s what simplifies our clients’ supply chains and delivers the valuable services they need to succeed. We have built a strong reputation in the region, enjoying long-standing relationships with some of the biggest energy companies and shipping lines. Now, Milaha is ready for the next leg of the journey – to become a globally-recognised player.

Geographically, financially and organisationally we are well-placed to achieve this. Qatar is a major player in a region that is becoming increasingly globally significant; its energy sector and progressive economic diversification will continue to enhance Milaha’s opportunities. Our balance sheet is strong, with capital and assets that have not just weathered, but prospered during the economic storm. As an organisation, we have both the integrated structure and top-notch capabilities required to offer truly synchronised solutions. More importantly, we have outstanding human resources – the best possible people with a collective will to succeed.

Embarking on this next phase, Milaha is filled with ambition and confidence. Our new name and logo represent this positivity through the evolution of our company. As one brand, deeply committed to shared values and business objectives, Milaha will portray to clients across the world how our synchronised solutions can mobilise business.

Ali bin Jassim bin Mohammad Al-Thani