Milaha, Qatar’s leading Maritime and Logistics Service provider, announces the launch of a new express shipping service to connect the Far East (China & Southeast Asia) to India, Qatar and the Gulf region.

The new “China-India Express” (CIX) service was established to cater to the requirements of Milaha’s customers, while ensuring world-class transit times, competitive freight rates, and timely delivery.

This newly launched product is aimed at improving trade opportunities and enhancing connectivity between China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Kuwait and Iraq.

The new shipping service will contribute to increasing the volumes handled by Hamad Port, facilitating imports, exports and transshipment opportunities and accelerating the exchange of trade between the Far East, India and the Gulf.

Through launching this new express shipping service, Milaha confirms its commitment to supporting businesses in Qatar and the region, as well as Qatar’s 2030 vision, aimed at developing and diversifying the economy, enhancing international trade connectivity and securing a sustainable supply chain.

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