Halul Offshore Services Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Milaha, has announced its participation in the 3rd Annual Offshore Support Vessels Forum taking place from March 8 to 11, 2015 at Rosewood Abu Dhabi. Halul’s CEO, Vivek Seth, will deliver a keynote speech on ‘Overview of the Middle East Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) Market’ on the first day of the conference. He will also be a member of a panel that will be discussing strategies for shipowners in the Middle East.

With offshore marine services being one of its core businesses, Milaha will share its knowledge about the macro dynamics of the regional OSV market along with current and future market trends. In addition, it will be an opportunity for the company to analyze the supply and demand for OSVs in light of the current state of the market. In addition to keynotes and panel discussions, the Forum will feature roundtables, case studies and presentations highlighting advances in OSV building, maintenance, inspection strategies, and technologies.

Highlighting Milaha’s strong participation in the forum, Mr. Khalifa Ali Al-Hetmi, President and CEO of Milaha, said: “Halul Offshore’s presence at the Annual Offshore Support Vessels Forum is a great opportunity for us to address existing and upcoming challenges with industry peers and leaders. This comes at a time the Middle East’s OSV market was projected to grow due to large planned investments. However, the oil price decline in the last few months creates a major challenge going forward for E&P companies, and in turn for offshore service providers. It will be an excellent opportunity to discuss ways to deal with the question of OSV demand and plans for the upcoming year.”

The 3rd Annual Offshore Support Vessels Forum is designed to address the key challenges and opportunities associated with the region’s OSV market. The event will encompass vital topics such as technologies to improve vessel performance, maintaining the safety and integrity of offshore assets and crew, managing and maintenance of offshore fleet, and inspection policies of the operating companies in the region.