Qatar Navigation Q.S.C. launched its new corporate identity, Milaha, in an exclusive ceremony yesterday in Doha, with a large number of high-ranking dignitaries, Qatari business leaders, clients and partners in attendance.

The themes of synchronisation, collaboration and solutions focus were woven through the entire event to bring attention to Milaha’s brand values and promise to deliver “synchronised solutions that mobilise business”.

The ceremony also featured a unique performance from Austrian shadow motion artists, Flow Motion that showcased the values of the Milaha brand before coming together to reveal the Milaha logo in Arabic. This was the first performance in the GCC for Flow Motion.

On the occasion, HE Sheikh Ali bin Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani, Chairman & Managing Director, described the rationale behind the identity change. “I believe that being ambitious and pioneering has always been part of our identity. From the day we started, receiving Qatar’s first ever commercial license, we’ve always looked for new opportunities. And once again, the pioneer in us is restless – it’s time to forge new ground, setting our sights on even broader horizons.”

Sheikh Ali expressed his confidence in the strong foundations of the company to achieve its ambitions. “Our foundations are strong – a strong regional foothold, a world-class team and a wealth of assets. However to achieve something bigger, we need to reinforce these foundations – a new strategy, a common set of values and, above all, a new vision for the company.”

The Milaha brand is about being more responsive to changing markets and customer requirements, and becoming more proactive and customer-focused. “We aim to do this by providing integrated, synchronized services and expanding the geographical reach of our businesses,” said Sheikh Ali. “We will reinforce our presence in the region, entering new sectors in the maritime and logistics industry that strengthen our offering and enable us to provide truly synchronised solutions that satisfy our customers’ needs, wherever they are.”

He concluded by saying “We are setting course for renewed growth. The company we know tomorrow will be better than the company we know today. Therefore it’s only fitting that the company, and everyone in it, has a renewed identity.”

Today, Milaha has become a large, diversified strategic holding company with core interests in various maritime transport sectors as well as logistics. Yet as diverse as the company has become, it has always succeeded through unity and synergy: every part working together for the good of the whole through shared values and ethics.

Qatar Navigation has changed its brand name and corporate identity to reflect the new direction that the company is taking. The company’s strategy targets global reach, greater specialization and seamless synchronization of solutions for its clients. It has reorganized its business into six strategic units – Offshore, Gas, Petrochem, Maritime & Logistics, Trading and Capital. It has decided to synchronise the name ‘Milaha’ in both Arabic and English across its businesses and believes it’s a name that celebrates the company’s Arabic roots and builds on its brand recognition in the region, while also allowing new meaning to be created in other languages.

Beyond the brand name, the Milaha logo symbolizes everything that makes the company unique. From the bold colours and typeface to the carefully designed graphic, everything has been synchronised to promote the company’s values, heritage and future ambition. The typeface is solid, bold and simple. It has been custom designed to show Milaha’s strength, expertise and integrity. The graphic above the typeface is a symbol of synchronisation – many different parts working as one whole. It is a seal, a promise to its clients to deliver integrated solutions that simplify their international supply chains and mobilise their businesses.