Qatar Ports Management Company has assigned operation and management duties of the current port of Doha to Qatar Navigation Company.

The two companies have signed an operation and management agreement last Thursday, 10/02/2011, that includes a statement and details of the assigned activities.

Under this agreement, Qatar Navigation shall carry out a variety of activities, most important of which is the re-organization of internal facilities of the port which will take place under the supervision and monitoring of the Qatar Ports Management Company. Qatar Navigation shall also manage and operate the handling, unloading, and storing in addition to other activities. The activities shall be assigned according to a phased plan agreed upon by the two parties.

The agreement is expected to be effective until the completion of building and construction work of the new Doha Port. The aims of this agreement are to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the port. The Qatar Ports Management Company believes that it can rely on the qualifications and expertise of Qatar Navigation, as the two companies will work together to achieve targets.

The agreement was signed on behalf of Qatar Ports Management by Captain Ahmad Yousef Al Mas, Acting Chairman of Qatar Ports Management Company and Mr. Khalifa Ali Al Hitmi, Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Navigation. Captain Ahmad Al Mas stressed that he is confident of the capability of Qatar Navigation to manage and operate the assigned works and wished them every success.

Mr. Khalifa Al Hitmi expressed his appreciation of the trust placed in Qatar Navigation and stated that the company shall make every effort to achieve the target of this agreement. The signing ceremony was attended by the team who prepared the agreement, comprising the legal consultants of the two companies and managers of the divisions supervising the port activities.