Welcome to the Milaha Supplier Portal

This portal is to assist suppliers who would like to register as part of the Milaha vendor list.

How to complete the registration form:

  • Please provide the maximum amount of information possible while completing the form
  • All mandatory fields are highlighted in red and with an asterisk (*)
  • Each supplier must select a Purchasing Group (PuG) which describes their business. More than one PuG may be selected.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the supplier to ensure all information provided is accurate
  • Milaha will not be liable for any incorrect bank details provided
  • Local suppliers must submit electronic copies (including the company stamp) of the following certificates:
    • Commercial Registration
    • Company Computer Card
  • These certificates must bear the company stamp, or else the application will be rejected
  • International suppliers must submit the required documents according to their local laws, procedures and authorities.
  • The preferred language for all documents is English
  • Milaha reserves the right not to register the supplier without assigning any reason
  • For any supplier registration queries, please contact SupplierManagement@milaha.com