Milaha owns and operates a fleet of Aframax/ LR2 tankers, LNG and LPG/ Ammonia carriers. In addition, Milaha has stakes ranging from 15 – 30% in six LNG carriers, and a 50% stake in Gulf LPG; the owner and operator of four Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGCs) in partnership with Nakilat

In addition to the above, Milaha is also the founder shareholder of Nakilat, the world’s largest LNG shipping company, where we own over 36% share.

Milaha has vast experience in chartering vessels and in dealing with major oil and gas players around the world. The Company’s commercial strategy has enabled it to realize returns across cycles with robust pre-fixture & post-fixture operations. Additionally, Milaha has extensive experience of chartering vessels and spot market operations and asset plays depending on prevailing market conditions. The Company charters in vessels in partnership with major counter-parties to capture the best possible market opportunities

Milaha has consistently chartered out its vessels to oil majors and major trading houses, supported by in-house technical management. The Company closely monitors its pre and post-fixture operations, thus enabling it to streamline its operations

Transporting sea-borne Oil & Gas cargoes

  • LNG Transport
  • LPG Transport
  • Crude, Chemicals & CPP Transport