Qatar Navigation (Milaha) Q.S.C. would like to inform its shareholders that QNB at all its branches is the dividend distributor of annual profits for the company.

Dividend distribution of annual profits for 2015 will commence as of Wednesday March 23, 2016.

QNB will deposit the profits of its shareholders who have informed Qatar Exchange of their account numbers. Shareholders who wish to receive their profits in cash for amounts less than QR 100,000 can visit any QNB branch. Shareholders with profits exceeding QR 100,000 are requested to visit the QNB Grand Hamad street branch to receive their profits or to transfer them to their QNB bank accounts or any of the local or international banks, according to the relevant terms and conditions.

QNB would like to draw the attention of Qatar Navigation (Milaha) shareholders who have not received their due profits to visit any QNB branch to receive their unclaimed profits.

For more information, please contact Shareholders Relations at 4494 9873, or by email at