Milaha Maritime & Logistics, a subsidiary of Milaha focusing on integrated transport and supply chain solutions in Qatar and the GCC, participated strongly in the 11th Trans Middle East 2015 Exhibition and Conference which took place last week in Doha, Qatar. Senior Milaha executives made well-received presentations on emerging global maritime trade trends and their impact on the Middle East region in addition to modernization initiatives at Doha Port. Visitors to Milaha’s exhibition booth were also provided with a unique opportunity to operate a crane simulator.

Commenting on Milaha’s participation in 11th Trans Middle East 2015, Mr. Khalifa Ali Al-Hetmi, President and CEO of Milaha said: “The regional maritime sector has been rapidly developing for the past few years which is why events like this are important as they give us the chance to sit down with our peers and have a discussion about what kind of impact all these changes will have on us in terms of new opportunities and challenges. The conference also allowed us to showcase the incredible work that Milaha Maritime & Logistics has been doing in its various sectors, including port management and container shipping.”

Mr. Michel Deleuran, Milaha’s Executive Vice President for Maritime, delivered one of the key presentations at the conference in which he talked about the ever changing global maritime industry, and emphasized the need for companies to be agile in reaction to changing trade patterns. Mr. Deleuran highlighted the macroeconomic figures and various developments that continue to support the growth story of the Middle East. He concluded by calling for more investments in the shipping industry, which is a key driver of global economic growth, despite the challenging environment.

For his part, Mr. Peter Hope, Milaha’s Vice President for Port Services, discussed multiple initiatives that Milaha has undertaken to improve efficiency and capacity at Doha Port as part of its ongoing partnership with Qatar Ports Management Company (Mwani). Mr. Hope highlighted the importance of “cohesive efforts to upgrade technical and physical infrastructure while driving key behavioral changes through training and planning.”

The 11th Trans Middle East 2015 is the largest of its kind for container ports and terminal operations and was held under the patronage of the Qatari Ministry of Transport and hosted by the Qatar Ports Management Company (Mwani) and Hamad Port. Around 500 senior executives from the region’s leading shippers, ports, and terminal operators took part in the two-day conference and exhibition.